Case Studies

I am very proud of the athletes I coach. Seeing people reach and surpass their dream goals brings me immense satisfaction. Here's a few athletes who have achieved some fabulous results:

Scott Thwaites
Scott Thwaites
WorldTour rider on Formfinder training
Athlete: Scott Thwaites, Vitus pro Cycling, United Kingdom
Age: 29
Weight: 68kg
FTP: 395W
Results: 2017 TDF Cav Leadout man, 10th Strade Bianche, 10th Kuurne–Brussels–Kuurne, 8th Dwars door Vlaanderen, 5th Road race, National Road Championships, 2nd Le Samyn - see wikipedia
Says: I have been working with Jez for a few years now and made significant gains in performance. Jez provides a detailed training plan and constant feedback based on my power data. This allows me to concentrate on each session and leave the number crunching to Jez, knowing that I will be in the best possible shape for races.

Jez is not only a coach, he is a mentor... He has invaluable knowledge gained from years of racing in the pro peloton which has helped me to read and understand races better.

Scott Sunderland
Scott Sunderland
Gold at the Commonwealth Games
Athlete: Scott Sunderland - Bennelong SwissWellness Cycling Team
Age: 30
Weight: 75kg
FTP: 408 20min / 1800W 5sec / 535W 5 min
Results: 1st, Prologue Tour of Hungary, 1st, Stage 3 Tour de Korea, 1st, Stage 1 Tour de Langkawi, 1st, Melbourne to Warnambool, 1st in Commonwealth Games, Track, 1km Time Trial, 1st in UCI Track Cycling World Championships, Team Sprint, 1st in National Championship, Track, Keirin see wikipedia
Says: Jeremy Hunt is a very experienced and professional coach. He has a huge knowledge and understanding of you as an athlete because he himself has been through the same sensations and suffering. I know first hand at the gains I made under his guidance were incredible. I had a huge pb in my 5min power +100W and in a very important threshold increase which for me made all the difference to be able to come into the finish of my race and be that little bit fresher to use my strengths in the part of the race that matters most.

Kelli Rogan
Kelli Rogan
The 20% FTP difference has made a huge difference
Athlete: Kelli Rogan
Age: -
Weight: -kg
FTP: 265W
Says: I have been working with Jeremy Hunt for two and a half years now. I work with a local Junior Cycling team and my original goal was to be able to help the junior girls in the women's races. I have far exceeded my own expectations. Working with Jez I have increased my FTP by over 20%. I have managed to get on the podium in races and have led out my junior girls to dozens of wins. This is not an easy task for a coach to do with me as I work full-time, coach part-time and am a single Mom. Jez has helped my drill down on my nutrition and lose weight. I definitely could not have done all of this without him.

Ryan Brodie
The 20% FTP difference has made a huge difference
Athlete: Ryan Brodie
Age: 34
Weight: 82kg
FTP: 395W
Results: A grade crit wins, M2W 2019 best team, best local rider
Says: In 2016 I weighed in at over 164kg. My FTP was 200W. With a baby on the way I decided to turn things around. At first I adjusted my diet, cutting out beer and junk food, then once I'd lost some weight I began to ride more, using Formfinder's 12 hour per week program.

In 2019 I weighed in at 82kg, having lost half my body weight, and increased my FTP to 395W. I was able to win A grade races and completing my main goal of the 2019 Melbourne to Warrnambool race.

You can read more about Ryan's achievements here.

Drew Morey
Drew Morey
Win at the Tour de Flores 2017
Athlete: Drew Morey, Mitchelton Bike Exchange
Age: 21
Weight: 54-58kg
FTP: 340W
Results: Neo Pro, watch this space
Says: I started working with Jez in July 2017 when I joined Terengganu Cycling team, where he is the team coach. Through Jez's coaching I made rapid improvements, such increasing my 5 minute power by 30 watts and my threshold w/kg by 0.5, all within a few months.

Having said that, Jez doesn't only focus on improving your maximum threshold power when fresh like many coaches do, but ensures you are physically prepared for all the varying physiological demands of your target event/s. A combination of a threshold increase, and continued focus on development of all facets of performance, meant I was able to achieve 5 UCI podiums, within 5 months. My improvement lead to me being recognized by Mitchelton Bike Exchange, where I have transferred to race for the rest of 2018.

Working with a coach as knowledgeable as Jez makes training much easier, as you have 100% faith in the direction of your training.

Matthew Ross
Matthew Ross
Winning for the DRAPAC development squad
Athlete: Matthew Ross, Amicale Cycliste Bisontine
Age: 22
Weight: 65kg
FTP: 390W
Results: 2nd in Grafton to Inverel and 5th in Melbourne Warnambool
Says: Breakthrough results for me include 3 victories on the toughest climbs in Australia; Stage 3 Tour of Bright (Mt Hotham), Stage 2 Mansfield Tour (Mount Bulla) and Mount Baw Baw cycling classic. Finishing 2nd in the Grafton to Inverell and 5th Melbourne to Warrnambool. I have had great improvements over the past 2 and a half years under Jez Hunt, all my power numbers are up, FTP increase from 320 watts to 390 watts and 6 kilograms lighter. Most of all learning what works for me and taking on the experiences of Jez and using this in my racing and training. I highly recommend Jez and the style of coaching he employs.

John Wall
John had tried various training plans but wasn't getting any results. At last he's seeing progress with Formfinder.
Athlete: John Wall,Australia
Age: 44
Weight: 72-74kg
FTP: 243W 20 mins
Results: Fastest bike leg - will be getting a better one when has time
Says: You are going to become a serious athlete if you engage the coaching services of Jeremy Hunt.
I have been racing endurance events for 5 years and tried different coaches and triathlon groups.
Jeremy's coaching, system, sessions and follow up is supremely better than anyone or anything else in Australia.

Nira Lim
Nira Lim
Nira is one of Cambodia's top cyclists, representing Rapha Asia
Athlete: Nira Lim, Cambodia
Weight: 60kg (down 4kg in one year)
FTP: 263W (up 27W in one year) 5 min 309w,1 min 560w, 5sec 1246w )
Results: 3rd National Road race,3rd Cambodia Beer Road Race,4th Boknor Mountain Circuit Race
Says: Jez has took my cycling to the next level. Over the course of a year he has not only pushed my numbers higher than ever, but has taught me the importance of other factors - speed, body position, race tactics, and how to play towards my strengths. He gives daily feedback and bespoke plans to specific goals and events. With his years of experience, he is able to full understand the physical and mental stresses of a cyclist. How many coaches out there fly all the way out to Cambodia to really understand what kind of training you need?! Only Jez!

Oren Peleg
Oren Peleg
On his way to another CX podium
Athlete: Oren Peleg, United Kingdom
Age: 51
Weight: 70kg
FTP: 300-351W 20mins
Events: Cyclo-cross and Time Trials
Says: My biggest challenge is balancing family, work and a rigorous training and racing programme. I have been working with Jeremy for a year and a half and his approach is different to what I was used to: "feelings first and numbers second". He draws extensively on his experience as a pro and coach and it works. When he tells me to back off and I don't, I pay the price. When he tells me it's there and I don't feel it, it comes out. My power PBs were all set in my 40s, and I assumed age had taken its toll and they were never to be seen again. Jeremy helped me disprove that and not only did I find them again, I beat them in my 50s. What I also enjoy is the way we problem solve together; we build our plans together and Jeremy is keen for me to input and contribute. That makes for a better programme and one I buy into.

Ross Gordon
Ross Gordon
Ross loves training and it shows in his numbers
Athlete: Ross Gordon Inform ask Tineli
Age: 19
Weight: 74kg
FTP: 400W 20min / 376-513W 5min / 359w - 426W 10min
Says: Since starting training with Jeremy Hunt I have made significant improvements in power output across the board. Specifically over short to medium efforts which has made a huge impact on my racing. Importantly, Jez has been great at adjusting the program to fit in with other commitments, as well as adjusting for times when I’m run down and need extra rest, resulting in almost 6 months of consistent training with limited sickness or injury.

Trent Morey
Trent Morey
Trent on the comeback trail - power up each month
Athlete: Trent Morey
Age: 24
Weight: 54kg
FTP: 324W 20 mins
Results: 3rd Victorian Road Race Championships 2013, 2nd Stage 5 Tour of Tasmania 2011, 10th U19 Australian Road Race Championships 2010
Says: I began working with Jez in February 2018 with the target of reaching life-time best performances following a two-year hiatus from cycling. Since then, we have improved my sustained power output by over 10%, including pushing my maximal 5 minute power from 325w to 365w. Jez’s guidance has been invaluable in managing training around work and life’s other tasks. We have set some lofty performance goals for events later in the year, such as the Taiwan KOM Challenge, and I’m excited to continue my rapid progression.

Jay Dutton
Jay Dutton
Jay's made great gains in the time we've been working with him
Athlete: Jay Dutton
Age: 24
Weight: 60-61kg
FTP: 376W
Results: Multiple NSW Time Trial Champion Multiple NSW Team Time Trial ChampionNSW Road Cyclist of the Year.
8th - 2.1 Tour of Fuzhou General Classification
11th - 2.2 Tour of Lombok General Classification
12th - 2.2 Tour of Quanzhou Bay General Classification
12th - 2.2 Tour of Banyuwangi Ijen General Classification
Says: Jez is the first coach I’ve trusted in allowing to take complete control of my training. He’s removed the personal pressure involved with having to plan and analyse training, enabling me to fully focus on my training with a great deal of confidence.

Jez offers a balance of modern training methods and practices, combined with some more fundamental training philosophies, which keeps the training varied, yet challenging and highly effective. His extensive knowledge and experience complements what he prescribes, and he is always providing prompt feedback that is both relevant and informative. I’m continually making improvements in my power and performance each week, something I definitely haven’t noticed as much in the past, so I’m both excited and motivated to continue working together with Jez in to the future.

Ben Walkerden
Ben Walkerden
Representing Australia at the CX Worlds
Athlete: Ben Walkerden
Age: U23
Weight: 60kg
FTP: 20min 315w-354w
Results: U23 Australian CX Champion
Says: In September 2017, I joined partnership with Jeremy and I became one of his athletes that he would be coaching targeting my main focus of Cyclocross racing. When I started, I was a rider that really lacked power and also knowing when to use my power correctly. In the time I have been with Jeremy I have rapidly increased my power that has also resulted in weight loss giving me a greater power to weight ratio. It has been a lot of hard work for both of us but with his great expertise and experience in racing and coaching we have been able to find a training program that has worked for me. It has been a completely different training structure from what I have been use to but the positives have been great. I am now a rider with a lot bigger power output, which is allowing me to be the strongest I have ever been. I am hoping I can use this power to my advantage on race days and really perform at the highest level I want to be.

Artur Maliszewski
Artur Maliszewski
Training now gives me energy instead of constantly tiring me out
Athlete: Artur Maliszewski
Age: 47
Weight: -kg
FTP: 290W
Says: As a 47yo business owner working 60+ hrs per week and 3 teenage kids I have very limited for cycling training. I can fit in around 4 session per week, which allows me to keep fit and to be able to (on the very odd occasion) go out with friends on 80-100km rides on not feel smashed and embarrassed.

Due to the time constraints, most of my sessions are done on a Wahoo Kickr and I needed someone to structure a training program for me that would allow me to get the most out of every minute, yet at the same time keep improving and be flexible and understanding when work and life take priority.

Jeremy’s program and approach is extremely motivational. It is simple and very easy to follow. Over the past 6 months I am fitter, stronger than I have been on the bike for a very long time. My FTP has gone from the low to the high 200’s and I find myself not only hanging onto the bunch, but taking my fare share of turns on the front with riders doing 250+kms per week.

Lee Emery
Lee Emery
FTP went from 240 to 320
Athlete: Lee Emery
Age: -
Weight: -kg
FTP: 320W
Amys Gran Fondo I got talked into trying to qualify for the UCI GFWC, without any preparation I missed by 15min.
I was a regular rider, never raced, had completed 3 Peaks and I realised the guys qualifying were fitter faster and most importantly experienced racers.
The day after AGF I search and found Jeremy, I jumped in and signed up with the goal of qualifying for the UCI GFWC.

Pleasure and Pain
Pleasure, Jeremy made it easy setting plans and goals that were just within reach, working around my desires to still enjoy my cycling with a few weekly coffee runs thrown in. I didn’t want to know the why’s of the workouts, I left that to Jeremy, but when curiosity got the better of me Jeremy provided simple clear explanations of the goal or purpose of the plan

Ergo’s, super effective but it will push you, but the real pain is your coffee bunch ride may end up seeming slow, mine was a tough challenge now my Garmin tells me “Little to no cardio benefit!"

Riding to a power meter proved very interesting, Actually training to a specific plan on an ergo was very new to me as was racing, I did a number of Crits and some road races.

The outcome
After 20 years of riding I know what FTP is, mine went from 240 to 320!
what really hit home in terms of improvement was I did a ride with Jeremy, over a piece of road I had only ridden once before, almost a year earlier, I was shocked when I reflected on Strava, I thought I was pretty strong a year ago, but 13:49 to 9:37, this is just one of many similar segments

Oh, yeah and I’m off to UCI GFWC in Italy
I couldn’t of done it without Jeremy, its been one of the best thing I have ever done and the results have far exceeded my expectations, thanks Jez
Would I recommend Jeremy? Absolutely! You do the work he sets you, you get results.

Rashid Albaloushi
Rashid Albaloushi
Athlete: Rashid Albaloushi
Age: -
Weight: -kg
Results: -
Whilst I have been under Jeremys coaching I have not only developed my knowledge and love of the sport but my performance has improved exceedingly, after winning an open category race, coming 2nd in 5 UAE amateur races and now ranked 4th in the UAE Ironman standings, I owe a lot of my accomplishments to him.

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